ARABELA: A place I know from the heart

I'm a sucker for good food and good place to eat. And when you trust the people cooking the food for you, it will surely be a delicious and awesome dining experience.
Arabela rose to one of the finest restaurants in Laguna if not in My Philippines. Though small and unpretentious, it is unsurprisingly the only eating hub you can find in equally small town in Liliw, Laguna that is nothing but big in surprises. It is now famous among food aficionados in the country.
And it boasts not only good food...
but warm hospitality...
as well as homey and cozy ambiance that is very hard to find among high end restaurants in the city.
Arabela used to sell only cakes and brownies when they started. The owners, Bobby and Tonette Camello who are both good friends of mine were fond of baking and we [their friends] used to enjoy their cakes and brownies years ago when we spent almost all weekends at their home in Barangay San Marcos. Little did we know then, that they will turn their hobby into a multi-million [wink*] food business.
[With my friends and Owners of Arabela... Bobby and Tonnette]

Arabela - which comes from the names of their pretty daughters, Ara and Bela...was established in 2003. What used to be the well-known location of Socialite's Footwear is now the most sought after Italian/American/Filipino fusion restaurants that also serves pizza...
and other one-of-a-kind and all-time favorite dishes in affordable prices.
Now, that I got the chance to visit my hometown again after 5 years of being away, it will surely not be complete without catching up with old friends and having a taste of Arabela.

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Food Trip Day No. 13

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Author's Note: This is not a sponsored post. Arabella owners are close friends of mine. It just so happen that I love their food and the owner.

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kulasa said…
hmmmm the name of the place sounds so inviting "Arabela"...and oh my, those food treats are to die for haha,
Self Sagacity said…
the food looks yummy! I love the wall colors too, looks like my breathing space- colorful.
betchai said…
one of my dreams when i was younger was to have my own restaurant, but later realized it is so much work, i admire your friend for the dedication and love they put into it, and love your smile Ruthi