My Church of Lilio

Religion plays an important role in the lives and culture of the Filipinos. It is not an understatement. The Spanish colonization of My Philippines in the late 1500s was founded on Catholicism thus, explains the amazing historical and amazing architectures of Catholic churches all over the archipelago.

In My Liliw, we are proud of our church. It is one of the landmarks that people who come to visit our small town. And since Liliw is located at the foot of the majestic and mystic Mount Banahaw, it gives a dramatic background to our well-grounded faith in God.
I was raised as a Catholic by my [very] religious Mom who was raised by my [very strict] religious Grandma. Given this scenario, I practically grew up in the doing what all Catholics do.
The significance of the St. John the Baptist Church in my personal opinion goes beyond faith itself. The structure is not only a physical reminder of our faith and culture but our way of life as well. Sunday Masses are a prerequisite to our week ahead as much as a conclusion to our weekend.
I am so proud of our church because it boost a unique structure way back in the 18th century. The craftsmanship of our forefather who built it with their sweat and blood is a reminded of how important manpower is to our small town.
Last summer I was able to visit this church once again after 5 years of being away. There is a great difference now from what it used to be. The facade is still the same but the altars are already altered or shall I say modified or improved. It is more ostentatious and grand than it was before.
There is an addition of the Shrine of St. Buenaventure, my most-loved Saint. And a lot of touch-ups here and there. I was able to attend several masses too and I was glad to see familiar faces as well.
Visit to my home town is not the same without visiting St. John the Baptist Church.


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So breathtakingly beautiful. I love when no expense is spared to make the place of worship spectacular. He made our world spectacular so it is such a small thing in return.