A Mainer in Alabama

My Godchild Billy is now Freshman College and he is so happy to finally leave Maine and move to Alabama where he got a scholarship at the University of Alabama. He will study Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. We are so proud of him. Finally he will be able to build a spaceship - as we usually teased him when he was a little boy.

His Mom, my dear old friend is a little nervous about the change. Why not, he is her only boy and her big fan. She will surely miss the bouquet of dandelions that Billy picks in spring when he knows that he is in trouble. And I will surely miss his sweet face that greets me at the door every time I come for a visit.

Well, yesterday, Billy's mom called and told me that Billy sent her some Alabama apparel and a University of Alabama shirt for me. I was so touched for his sweet gesture. Surely he is still the sweet Billy that I know since he was a baby... loving and generous. Oh I miss him so much.