I love you... Amazon Guys!

I am not really very comfortable buying stuff online. Though I have been doing it a lot of times now and have purchased a lot of items already, still I always have second thoughts on buying online. There are lots of online stores that promise a great deal of craps and rip-offs and luckily I had not encountered one yet. Not that I am praying to. The only not-so-nice incident that I had was when I purchased a cover for my Kindle Fire and I was given a totally different style from what I ordered. I could have returned it and I'm sure I can get what I want or my money back but the hassle of returning the item is another thing about online purchases that I hate.
 Good breakfast combo - eBook and coffee.

Now come Amazon. I'm pretty much sure that everyone on the entire planet heard or know what Amazon is. And in Bloggosphere.. Amazon is the mecca for online goodies.

Now here's the thing. I want to make it sure that you guys understand what I am doing here -  


I do write sponsored posts for happine$$ but this one is NOT one of them! I am writing this post because I am a happy and satisfied customer of Amazon just to make it clear. And yes, Virginia there is such thing!

I purchased my very first Kindle Fire last February as a birthday gift... technically speaking. I just want to have one but my birthday is not until March so yes, I used it as an alibi to acquire the most coveted eBook device ever and I love it. I have been using it since then. It's the best electronic device I have ever purchased. Not that I purchased a lot but it's the only one I actually purchased because I am not really a techie kind of person. I just love it. I purchased a lot of FREE apps and books with it. Though I had to admit I had not finished a single book yet because all I do with my "Fire" is facebooking. LOL.
My brother Japol can't get enough of his Kindle Fire.

Three months later, I purchased 2 more for my brothers Gary and Japol as presents when I went home for a visit in the Philippines. They were happy too. When I came back from my vacation, my Kindle Fire broke down. I was broken-hearted. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid that I just wasted my money. I tried to find out how to contact customer service of Amazon but for some reason google sent me bunch of links that is not entirely related to what I was looking for. I even stumbled upon some reviews on Amazon and I was totally unhappy because some are totally negative which kinda gave me a little doubt about the company.
Japol, enjoying coffee over Kindle Fire

Finally, when I signed in to my Amazon account, I found the "contact button" and viola. Next thing I know I was chatting with an agent in... India. Yeah! The conversation went well, no round-about talkies. The guy immediately gave me assurance that I will receive my replacement in a week's time. The conversation went really well and the agent was very polite and knowledgeable. The service was quick and well organized. I received my new kindle fire replacement 5 days after. I was the happiest person on earth only to find out a couple of weeks later that it was a refurbished device! They sent me an old reconditioned device. I was broken-hearted for the second time.

So I got to return it again. I contacted the customer service again and talked to another Indian agent. She [or He, who knows?] confirmed that the device sent to me was a refurbished unit. I was transfered to another department and immediately I was assured that a NEW Kindle Fire device will be shipped to me immediately. I was impressed with their service. She was very nice and apologetic.

Before the conversation ended I asked if  - it can be possible for them to send me the new Kindle Fire HD (the one with a camera and dolby audio) instead of the regular Kindle Fire . I told her too that -  I'm willing to get charged for upgrade.

She replied - it isn't possible at the moment because the kindle fire I have is the regular one. Well, I totally understand because it makes sense. So, I told her that I am just happy to know that I will get a "new" one as replacement.

Three days after that conversation I received a package from Amazon. It was a black box. It was totally different from the usual 5 Kindle Fire boxes that I already received so far. This one is slimmer and black.
The black box.

I opened it right away and I was totally blown away when I saw what was inside the black box. It was the new KINDLE FIRE HD!
  The new Kindle Fire HD shipped to me as replacement for the old one I had.

I contacted Amazon Customer Service immediately and asked for the return address link to be printed out so I can return the old device. Before we ended the conversation I typed - "I got a Kindle Fire HD instead of regular Kindle Fire." 
 The Old and the New Kindle Fires

Then I continued typing without waiting for instant reply... "I know you guys said it's not possible for me to have an upgrade. I was wondering if this is a mistake and if I will be charged for it?"
Enjoying Taylor Swift music in my new Kindle Fire HD via Pandora.

The agent replied - "You will not be charged for the new Kindle Fire HD we sent you. It is the replacement for the refurbished devise we sent you earlier. Enjoy your new Kindle Fire HD and happy reading."

 Love the camera feature of this Kindle Fire HD.

And just as I thought I will be losing it instantly if it was a mistake, I was ready to go berserk. Whew! Then I remembered something that says - ask and you will be given. I typed back - "I love you Amazon guys!"