Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No FB... No Regrets?

Yes, I deactivated my Facebook  account last year and I am FB-Free for almost half a year now.

It was a drastic decision considering that the social network has a great influence on me specially on my blogging activities. I had to admit blogging and my blogs' PR suffered a great blow when I stopped "facebooking" since most of my website viewers come from FB. And true, I miss my friends and family's updates. I miss my online camaraderie with virtual friends whom I was able to establish a true and genuine friendship with.

But being FB-Free relieved me of all the pressures and stress of life's insignificant indulgences. I gained more freedom because I am no longer slaved by the power of facebooking. Before FB... I have more time blogging and bonding with Hubby. After FB...  life seemed to be a struggle to keep-up with the "wall or timeline statuses and updates". It was indeed a nightmare for me considering that I work 12 hours a day now. I have more time to sleep and become more productive with my free time.

pinterest logo photo: Logo Pinterest Logo-Pinterest.jpg But it didn't take long. My freedom from FB was soon claimed by Pinterest! LOL

Yup, I spend more time pinning and following pins. OMG... this website is awesome to the max! I so love it.

And yes, Pinterest is the new Facebook!

I know. It's a new cycle and history is repeating itself. Ah, life... that's social networking for you guys.

So here I am... moving on and pinning on! wink****


betchai said...

miss you Ruthi, FB is not the same without you :)

but so happy for the freedom you got!!

kulasa said...

pssssttttttttt I always forget my pinterest email and password so I can't join you there just yet...i misss youuu soooo.......:)