Auto-Renew and Blog Series ALERT - TAKE 2

So you thought that my "auto-renew" issue is over? I'm sorry to disappoint you but... he*l no! I have 2 or 3 [hey, who's counting anyway?] more blogs that are up to auto-renew disaster.

Yup, I can't deny it. It's coming. The only good thing about this is that - I am not affected anymore. It's a disaster waiting to explode anytime soon. Well, actually it's long overdue because it has been more than a month now since it already expired. But who cares? I'm over it. It's not like I'm going to cry and have a nervous breakdown over one lost domain again. I learned my lesson and I'm done. I've moved on. wink*

So what am I talking about this time? It's-a-Craft!
This the header of my craft blog

Yes, my craft blog is losing its domain and I'm ok with it. Look I have more than 7 blogs that I cannot keep up with in total plus I encouraged my brother to make another blog. Yeah, I heard you... "what am I thinking, right?" LOL Oh Yeah, Japol - who cannot keep on blogging [guess it's in the genes] got a new one. Check it out HERE. So my hands are really full right now or for now or until I find some alibis not to blog again. LOL.
Anyway, so what am I going to do with my "It's-a-Craft" blog? I have two words for you - blog series! Boooom!


  1. oh, too bad Ruthi! i am actually thinking of having more blogs (isa bawat niche) and become a full time mom/blogger. haha! what am i thinking? raining happine$$ kasi, kung ganito forever i may not need to work anymore. i could hardly keep up, kulang na kulang ang coffee break at lunchtime ko. hehehe ;)

  2. Giving Google is the power house, and all those big brains that work for them, they couldn't make it easier for blogger, could they?

    Sorry to hear that you will look your domain, but I do understand about moving on...

  3. ka boom, watch for the it's a craft in here or in one of your other blogs!!! enjoy the rain of happine$$ Ruthi girl.

  4. Well now, you have experienced this before, can you just go in the account and click "auto-renew"?

    Do what is best for you, Ruthi!!

  5. Hayee Ruthi!!!! I was smiling as I viewed your blogger profile and saw your long list of blogs hehehehe I know you will be able to solve your domain problems *wink* and I too wonder whyJapology can not go on blogging...he has so much to write about and too many gorgeous shots! :)