On Blogging and Auto-Renew

I am a blogger for more than 6 years now and I'm proud of it. I am not saying that I am a computer whiz or a tech-savvy. I am just a simple person with nagging thoughts that needed to be expressed one way or another.
I started blogging full-time when I migrated here in the US. It was my way of dealing with boredom and homesickness. Blogging opened up a whole new world of opportunity to discover a lot of things - learn new skills... meet new friends... explore new possibilities... and yes, as a source of income. Eventually, it became a way-of-life for me for the first crucial year of my life in a foreign country.

Then I bought my own domain [this one.] That moved opened up a wider range of opportunity for me. It empowered me. My first domain gave me a sense of ownership. My first domain is the home of my total transformation as a human being because it is there where I wrote practically everything I learned. It was my survival kit.

Then as I learned to adjust to my new home I also lazed on blogging. I took a day job and that got in the way of my blogging. Though I admit I miss it every now and then, but my work schedule eaten up so much of my time.

Then I lost my domain due to my negligence and ignorant. Being away from blogging clogged up my brains which caused me frustrations. I almost gave up on blogging for 2-words... auto-renew. Good thing I kept my "smarty pants" handy. Now I got it back and I'm so back in blogging.


My Two Questions:
1. How often do you blog?
2. Do you use your blog to monetize or just to satisfy your thirst for literary creativity?

This is my entry for Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions. To join and for more interesting 2 Questions entry... click HERE.


  1. I blog when I am in the mood, actually, haha, guilty here, I blog when I have to because I have to balance happine$$ with happiness :) thanks to you, you are the very first one who really encouraged me to monetize my blog. I love it because through blogging I had learned a lot, and I am only using my free time to do it. I am glad to know that this as a hobby has become an extra book of knowledge for me, and also an extra income.

  2. I try to blog every day. I first started blogging to help promote my first & only published children's book. I had no clue what I was doing or how to go about anything, but I jumped in with both feet and learned much. There are a lot of great people in Blogosphere, all of whom I would not have known had I not venture done this path. I'm grateful that I did.

    Blogging has earned me little money, but not enough to live on. It's been hit & miss opportunities. Part of me would love to make it more of a money making business, but I'm afraid it would steal the fun out of what I love.

    I'm happy that you found your place in Blogosphere and didn't give up, even if "Auto-Renew" forced your hand. lol

    Thanks for visiting & linking up. Gr8 post!

  3. Hi Ruthinian,
    I am a new Follower of your blog and it was interesting reading about your blogging experience. I started my blog just over 2 years ago. It has been a therapeutic journey for me since the loss of my identical twin sister and a brother. I post at least 4 times each week but during the summer heat it has not been easy at times. I have met many wonderful persons from around the world. I started seeking ads and sponsorship on my blog recently. Have yourself a great weekend.
    Judy - Judy H-J's Thoughts

  4. I blog when I have an assignment, and on Wednesdays. It doesn't tell you much specifics, but I go with the flow.
    Second question is a great way to put it. Since when you ask someone why do they blog, it is just a huge generalization- I like how you just go to the point. haha.
    I think I already answer this in the first sentence, but I do love writing. I love sharing what I know and what I like. yes, I like to speak-up about things even if no one is listening. haha the money comes with the territory of speaking about what I like which is a fabulous bonus!

  5. BTW- I like your new domain name - it's so you. lol

  6. I love blogging, staying in touch, being creative, but the pot is sweeter when there is some money in it. :-) Lately that (the $$s)have disappeared, but then so has my time, and to make matters worse life is so much more demanding and my internet unreliable!!! I have a 2 year contract with them and early cancellation clause!!

    But more to the point WELCOME BACK!! The blog-o-sphere is better with you in it!!

  7. I try to have 2 new posts each week for each blog.

    I am combining the love for writing and making money with my blogs when there is an offer.

    Currently, Wandering Thought is up for renewal, and they charged my account twice already, but I keep getting the emails telling me that the domain has expired. Looking for support is like looking for a pearl in the ocean. I don't know what will happen to WT now.