Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Brother's New Blog

I know... I know! It runs in the family. Another blog is born. Not mine but my brother Japol's and yes I will be babysitting it for now until it can walk on it's own. And that I believe is - indefinite. LOL

So here I am, just giving it a little promotion here. Hey, I got to do what I got to do. He is my brother. He has my forehead. He has my eyebrows when I wasn't plucking them. He has my frown. He has my skin color [mine from running, his from surfing]. And he has my addiction too... on shoes! What were you thinking? LOL

So yeah, he is my brother and he came up with a new blog through my nagging because he can write. And as an educator, I don't want that talent to rot. He has so much adventure since I left. I bet he was more happy than I am when I migrated here because big sister will no longer be there breathing down his neck. Go figure.

So it didn't take long to convince him to make a new blog probably he knows that he has no choice because I won't stop nagging him about it. He finally came up with a blog title. It's "my rolling stone kind of life." He said his life is a rolling stone. I don't know.

Well, he is a rolling stone alright. Rolling from one place to another and can't stay in one place for the longest time. According to him... "he won't leave no stone unturned" when it comes to adventure. He has to try anything and everything. And yes, he is in a mission - to see all the islands of the Philippines! Are you kidding me? There are 7,107 islands!

Oh well, he is my brother indeed. So pleassssse... read his blog and comment and be nice to him [LOL]. You won't regret it. 


betchai said...

hmmm, you give me idea, Ruthi, maybe I ask my youngest brother too to create one and will baby sit for him :)

Cherry said...

constantly sees his adventures on facebook. please excuse me dear sis, i'm off to check his new blog. *winks*

Gattina said...

I am an only child, lol ! No brothers or sisters to fight with !

Jim said...

Hi Ruthian ~~ I wish my sister would have a blog. But then she hardly updates her Facebook so why should I expect more?

I'll peek on him, check it out, and leave a comment. Next time you visit mine (do you know that I am an educator---retired?).

Best of wishes to Bro and his new blog!!!

Icy BC said...

With your help, the blog will be a hit!