What was I thinking?

I can't believe it! Imagine, I have been using these logos for over a year now and didn't even realize that I made a big mistake until last night when I was trying to make a logo for My Philippines blog series.
How could I make such mistake? Mis-spelled Philippines... my birth home. The place where I dreamed dreams. My country of origin. And to think that I thought its history for 11 years. This is unacceptable.
I am a horrible person. I mis-spelled Phillipines.. see the first photo... I put two "L's" instead of one. And put one "P" instead of two. I panicked when I saw it and I made the necessary corrections.
So here is the new photo of the logo that will accompany every My Philippines blog series post. I will not change the photos I used in other old posts anymore because it will be a lot of work. Anyway, since nobody called my attention to it, it only means 2 things... 1. no one is reading my posts [LOL], 2. no one cares about the spelling. I hope it was the later. wink***
Alright, that would be it. What a nice way to start the week, huh. I'm really sorry Motherland. My Bad!


Betsy Adams said…
Well---even when you are familiar with it, that is a hard word to spell... Kinda like me trying to spell Mississippi... ha

betchai said…
oh, not alone Ruthi, I amke spelling errors most of the time too, most of them, I blame the keyboard though, I know...making excuses :)
Jim said…
Don't be too hard on yourself, Ruthie. Most of us have problems with certain words, even when we think we have them remembered.

Two things:
1. I high-light a word that I am uncertain and copy it into an unneeded page's "Google Search" box on the Google tool bar. Google then tells me the correct spelling if I have done it wrong; and
2. Did you know that "Misspelled" is one of the most misspelled words. I still Google check mine.
(Yes, I know that I could put a spell checker on that Google tool bar but then it would be one more thing that I had to learn how to use and care for.)
~✽Mumsy✽~ said…
Some time it happens, and you're probably tired..
japol orona said…
well, i wasn't there to correct it..!
i'm your proofreader, remember? LOL
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