Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HongKong in 1997 - Part 1

I love to travel. I was seriously infected by a travel bug since time immemorial. LOL. [Exaggeration Alert!] Well, my first trip out of My Philippines was in HongKong in 1997 with my BFFs.
It was totally a new experience to me. The thrill was undeniably out-of-this-world. It was one of the many happy and memorable experiences I had with my BFFs.
I enjoyed seeing this beautiful island south of China. And during that time of our visit, HongKong was in preparation for its return to China from British protectorate. It was indeed a historical event and I was lucky to be there when HongKong's 150 years of British control ended.
The preparation did not really interfere with our fun because everything seemed normal there. My friends and I just enjoyed the sights and sound of this famous city.
We particularly enjoyed the promenade where we can see the amazing skyscraper across the busy river.

There are only one of the awesome places we visited in HongKong and I will surely write and share more photos of the other places in HongKong where we went.
However, please be reminded that these photos were taken 16 years ago so a lot of changes has been done to the city. I am sharing this memorable trip based on my 1997 experience. I would love to share a more recent photos and experiences when I get the chance to visit it again in the near future. Maybe when I come to visit my brother who is currently living and working in this great city.

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