Wine Charmers

Everybody needs accessories and everything or anything can be accessorized.
So I came up with wine glasses charms for special parties.
Accessories wine glasses with these cute charms that can be personalized to make your party extra special.
And when we are speaking of wine, it is always hard to tell which glass is yours then you are drinking from identical glasses. So accessorizing will help your guests identify which glasses they are drinking from.
You can choose the charm the fits your personality or the theme of your party.
And yes, we can personalize it according to your need or according to occasion.

By the way, they are small so they are choking hazard to kids 5 years and younger. And yes, They are for sale! So if you are interested... Fill out my form!. You can also view all my items at my craft website It's-A-Craft.


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Zelmarq said…
wow, i love them, theyre so cute.... love your blog too..
I love the kitty the most. They are all so cute. I love your handmade homemades. lol
betchai said…
wow, they are so cute, never thought of coming up with wine charmers but you never run out of creative ideas
Self Sagacity said…
I wished I have seen these before I bought some closeout wine rings from Pier Imports. I pinned your post. What amazing talent you have!