Yumburger, Anyone?

I got so many hobbies. And each day I would discover new ones. It's a gift and it's a curse at the same time

I discovered at the young age that I can create beautiful things. It's in my genes and it's contagious, I think.

A couple of years ago I discovered that I can make beautiful things with clay. Not until I played with play dough with some of the kids at the Kids Out Program of the Y, I would never realized that I can do it. I have never played with play dough even as a kid because it wasn't popular back then. Yeah, I was that old. Sh*t Up! LOL And I had issues with the dough. I can't explain it right now.

So just want to share with you some of my creations.

The Yumburger Earrings Collections
 This is the Yumburger in sesame bread dangling earrings set.
 This is the Yumburger in sesame bread in stud earrings set.
  But if you don't like your Yumburger in sesame bread I have it in regular bread.
... in dangling set and
this stud set for non-sesame bread lovers out there.
And they are all ready-to-wear, cute, non-toxic and gluten-free! LOL

By the way, they are small so they are choking hazard to kids 5 years and younger. And yes, They are for sale! So if you are interested... Fill out my form!. You can also view all my items at my craft website It's-A-Craft.


This is an entry for It's-A-Craft Weekend Blog Series.

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Love them!! They are so cute! I know. Talents are wonderful but burdensome at the same time. I love doing things with my hands.
betchai said…
they look so beautiful that I know a lot of girls would love to have them. yumminess that we could wear.
Cherry said…
you are a genius, Ruthi! craft is one thing i am not very patient about, yet you do it so well!
kulasa zen said…
Oh am gee! I want all of them! You really have so many talents sistah!