Craving Alert!

Brrrrr, it is cold! Yeah, it's indeed fall. It's time to get through my winter tote and sort out its content. I need to get all my winter stuff out because the temperature is surely going down. It will surely not get any hotter now since winter is lurking behind.
Arroz Caldo or Lugaw - a Filipino rice based soup
And in times like this, I can't help it to eat more. Now I am craving for Arroz Caldo. The one that I had on Mhel's birthday party in New Hampshire.


My Two Questions and Thursday Thoughts to ponder: 
1. Do you like cold weather?
2. Do you have food cravings when it is cold?

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Self Sagacity said…
Hi Ruthi!
I am a hot weather person, so I don't like cold at all. :-)
I totally crave soup, any kind of soup. I haven't tried Arroz Caldo, but it looks like porridge, and that is one of my favorites!

Thanks for linking today, hope you have a great weekend.