Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Alliance of Orona Siblings

A month ago I featured my brother Japol's new website - my rolling-stone-kind of life. As a good sister I am, I helped him in every way possible to have his website took off. Now he is on his own. Well, sort of. I'm still babysitting his blog every now and then. LOL

My brothers from the same mother - Gary and Japol

As most of my loyal blogs visitors (I wonder if I really do have some) and virtual friends alike know... I have another brother from the same mother named - Gary. He is the artist of the family. The real one! Japol and I claimed that we are artists when he is not around just for the heck of it. But Gary is the real deal and he makes money as an artists. His work has something to do with art. He is a graduate of Architecture and a Designer in HongKong.
Gary - the Artist in his flat in HongKong

And just like Japol and I, he is also a photo enthusiast, a painter, a writer and a blogger. Yes, the Orona siblings share the same hobbies, passion and interests. That explains why we also share one special blog - the Depth of Fields and Words.

But this post is about Gary and his new interest. And I am back to feature yet another website of this other brother of mine from the same mother. LOL. Yes, Gary has a new website called - The Alliance!
And yes, it is now live online. It is his dream come true. Well, I was guessing though. When, we were little, he drew a lot of stuff and wasted a lot of papers and art materials. Like any typical boy of his age he drew a lot of super heroes and cartoons. He bought and read a lot of comics mostly about super heroes and cartoons too. Eventually, he made his own super hero comic strips.
But unknown to me, he is still into super heroes until now and finally wrote his first Graphic Novel that he hopes one day will be made into a "Super Hero Movie". A couple of months ago he told me that he and his artist friend Cyril are doing a Super Heroes comics. The Alliance is a collaboration of Gary and his artist friend Cyril and together they will conquer the world of modern graphic literature.
The brains of The Alliance - Gary and Cyril.

So yeah, it's now official. The Alliance is now out and ready to conquer the world.
Hope you guys will check out his blog and see for yourself these Super Heroes online as they save the world one chapter at a time and before you watch it on the big screen. WINK***


kulasa zen said...

I read about it on Gary's FB he is one great artist! so you and Japol are inferior when it comes to his art eh? LOL.... am a fan of Japology, Ruthinian and Gary! and one of those loyal followers yah sistah!! :)

Cherry said...

wow, Orona siblings are so talented! you must be so proud of each other. :)

yes, raining happine$$ indeed. sometimes, i couldn't even breath from writing, copy-pasting and inserting fillers but too blessed to be complaining. :D