Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nude or Red? Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer?

I was late for church last Sunday so I cut 2 steps in my regular 5-minute make up routine. Here are the details.
Instead of using regular moisturizer I opted for tinted moisturizer by VS (I got it for free because I received a free gift card from VS) mixed with NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer. When I do this technique, I don't use any more foundation.

This makes my make-up lighter although I don't get full-coverage. Notice that I still have some blemishes all-over my checks and forehead. But I like that effect. It looks natural.  I just don't know if it will last longer if I am in a hot climate but here in Maine, it's perfect for me.
Then, I applied loose powder to set the moisturizer/primer. I used ELF HD Powder in Translucent instead of the tinted kind. I look ghostly here. So I applied the Healthy Glow Powder also from ELF to give me a hint of glow and achieve my real skin tone.
I prepped my eyebrows and put a little liquid eyeliner and two-tone highlighter on my eyelids. Then, curled my lashes and put two coatings of mascara. Next, I contoured my check bones with the ELF Bronzer.
Final step... lipstick. I first tried the NUDE lipstick. I think I look too plain. But that is how I really look like on ordinary days. I basically wear nude lipstick or lip balm everyday at work. But since I was going to church and had some errands to run, I tried on the RED lipstick. And I usually wear red lipsticks when I am wearing liquid eyeliner.
 ELF Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick - In the Nude shade and NYC - Retro Red
And this is the how I looked like after 5 hours of running errands. What do you think?


betchai said...

so pretty, you inspire me to spend 5 minutes or less too :) no more powdering in flash :)

Cherry said...

why so pretty, Ruthi dear? go for the red!!! you look absolutely stunning!

kulasa said...

Hey there! Love the red lips!! I think your lips look like that of Jodi Sta Maria. In case you don't know her ask Mr Google jeje.

Info CPNS dan Lowongan Kerja said...

Red Lipstick is better good :)