Nude or Red? Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer?

I was late for church last Sunday so I cut 2 steps in my regular 5-minute make up routine. Here are the details.
Instead of using regular moisturizer I opted for tinted moisturizer by VS (I got it for free because I received a free gift card from VS) mixed with NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer. When I do this technique, I don't use any more foundation.

This makes my make-up lighter although I don't get full-coverage. Notice that I still have some blemishes all-over my checks and forehead. But I like that effect. It looks natural.  I just don't know if it will last longer if I am in a hot climate but here in Maine, it's perfect for me.
Then, I applied loose powder to set the moisturizer/primer. I used ELF HD Powder in Translucent instead of the tinted kind. I look ghostly here. So I applied the Healthy Glow Powder also from ELF to give me a hint of glow and achieve my real skin tone.
I prepped my eyebrows and put a little liquid eyeliner and two-tone highlighter on my eyelids. Then, curled my lashes and put two coatings of mascara. Next, I contoured my check bones with the ELF Bronzer.
Final step... lipstick. I first tried the NUDE lipstick. I think I look too plain. But that is how I really look like on ordinary days. I basically wear nude lipstick or lip balm everyday at work. But since I was going to church and had some errands to run, I tried on the RED lipstick. And I usually wear red lipsticks when I am wearing liquid eyeliner.
 ELF Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick - In the Nude shade and NYC - Retro Red
And this is the how I looked like after 5 hours of running errands. What do you think?


  1. so pretty, you inspire me to spend 5 minutes or less too :) no more powdering in flash :)

  2. why so pretty, Ruthi dear? go for the red!!! you look absolutely stunning!

  3. Hey there! Love the red lips!! I think your lips look like that of Jodi Sta Maria. In case you don't know her ask Mr Google jeje.