My 5-minutes Routine

Here is another 5-minutes make-up routine that I did last Sunday. However, since I was already late for church, I cut down on applying a couple of products that I used with the first tutorial that I did.
As always, I started with a moisturizer. Then proceeded with the foundation. This time I didn't use my CC cream but instead I used a primer mixed up with the foundation. I skipped the loose powder too and applied bronzer right away. Next was contouring.
Here are my mug shots. Notice that even if I skipped a couple of products, my blemishes are unnoticeable since the foundation gave full coverage.
After I prepped my face, I fixed my unruly brows and applied light eye shadows in natural tone. This time though, I put a little eye liner to enhance my eyes and to make them appear bigger. Then finished it up with mascara.
Here is the finished look. I don't look tired at all considering that I stayed up late that night before.
And after 4 hours, of running errands after church service... this is how I look like. The foundation still holds on.


  1. You are lovely with or without make up dear. I would love to learn how to apply make up too! I now have unwanted lines on my face! ♡