Zip it Cool!

We wear jackets most of the time here in Maine. We have more cool weathers so jackets are part of our fashion statement. So why not accessorize our jackets with these cool charms? 
Hot pink Crocs are cool.
The Starbucks frappuccino is a 5-star.
You can't help but scream for Ice cream.
And dance for joy with this cute ballet slipper.
These babies can be used or wear anyway you like... on your bag or backpacks... as charms for your bracelets or pendant for your necklace... or attach to your key chain. You can be creative with these items.

By the way, they are small so they are choking hazard to kids 5 years and younger. And yes, They are for sale! So if you are interested... Fill out my form!. You can also view all my items at my craft website It's-A-Craft.


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