Frozen Grass, Anyone?

Merry Christmas, Everyone! I know, I'm 4 hours shy from being the Ghost of Christmas Past. LOL I am really horrible, huh? I forgot. No, I didn't forget its Christmas. I forgot to blog about it.
Yah, I can come up with lots of reasons. Let me try... lazy? lazy? and probably lazy? LOL

It's winter time and laziness is one of the side effect of it. The ice storm didn't make it any better either. See what it did to the grass? It's beautiful though. The trees are silvery and glistening in the sun.
Well, it's still a magical Christmas despite the bitter cold weather here. And with the family around us, the warm of Christmas did bring comfort and joy.

Hoe you all had a blessed and magical Christmas, as well.


  1. That looks so cold!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. We have so many unhappy people!! Ice storms create outages and I work for a utility company. Ugh!!

    Anyway we had a beautiful celebration with family, good food, laughter and camaraderie. I didn't buy Christmas presents though; not with 30 grands, another on the way and 7 greats!!! How was yours?