AHA Moment: Feeling Creative

I'm a gifted artist. Well, it sounds good that is why I used that statement as introduction. But yes, I can proudly say that I was blessed with some creative ideas and I can easily express them in so many ways, bragging aside. WINK****

I won't say that I am not good because a lot of people tell me I good at what I do. So I believe them. LOL And I know if I say, "Oh, I am not!" - just for the sake of being humble, it's just like I am shaming the Almighty ONE who gifted me with such amazing talent. I may not be as good as some people but I am good enough, so to speak.

So now, given a dreary weather, instead of running or going to my BFF's house who I know will just feed me with lots of food, I opted to finally finish a project which has been waiting for me since Day 1 of my Summer Vacation.

So here you go... I finally came up with FREE School Stuff for my Teachers Pay Teachers online store. They are up for grab now you teachers out there. Help yourself. I got 3 new FREE ITEMS

1. The Daily Five - this is for Literacy that you can put up on the wall as guide for your kids.
2. The Owl Templates/Frames in Portrait Format - These are for decorating and sprucing up your classroom.
3. The Owl Templates/Frames in Landscape Format - More for classroom decoration.
I hope that these products will help you start the school in good note.
And by the way, just a little request. If you download my FREE ITEMS kindly leave me a message, will yah?. Thanks.

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  1. You ARE a GIFTED ARTIST! I am a huge fan!!!

  2. An awesome teacher with a blog, that's you and only you! :) another fan dropping by: )