Busy as a Bee

Summer has been crazy since Spring. LOL. I know there is no such thing. But in my world it is a huge possibility.
You see I have huge plan before the school ends. I have tons of projects on my drawing board. And I set a goal for myself to finish them before Summer is over.

But guess what? I failed.
I have not done any of the things I have on my "to do list" and the ones on my drawing board are still - just drawings. But I was busy. Trust me, I was not a lazy bum. I was all over the place... camping... beaching... cruising... island-hopping... hiking... running... eating... and REPEAT!
Oh well, as the saying goes - there is always a next time! So good luck next summer Meantime, I will just enjoying summer-ing. LOL


  1. Hahahaha as always you gave me my dose of laughter sistah! Looking at the photos I am convinced - you were not lazy, hehehe.... enjoy the rest of the season!: )

  2. Busy enjoying life, who couldn't say no to that?