Brown Rice Crispy Squares

I got a lot of request for recipes for all the food I created and posted in Instagram and Facebook. The pressure is building up so I guess I need to post one right now.

Here is one of the recipes that I want to share - my Homemade Brown Rice Crispy Squares.
Homemade Brown Rice Crispy Squares

But first let me tell you a story. One rainy afternoon, I went to the store to buy some zucchini for my zunoodle. That is a noodle made of zucchini. Don't worry I will have a blog about it and how to do it. Anyway, as I entered the store I suddenly had the unbelievable craving for rice crispy treats so I went to the counter near the cashier but can't find a single individually packed rice crispy treats. But I need to satisfy my cravings so I went to the shelf where all the snacks are and got a box of it. It cost just about 2$ so I guess I got a good deal. I didn't! I went home and before I got to the driveway, I finished 4 rice crispies in a matter of 3-mile drive. That was crazy!
So I decided to make my own. Well, I got the inspiration from Pinterest of course. I'm not claiming this is an original recipe but not totally copied either for I altered some ingredients. Here you go.

Homemade Brown Rice Crispy Squares
1 whole box of Brown Rice Cereal (you can find them in your groceries organic section)
1 cup honey
1 cup smooth almond butter (the original recipe calls for peanut butter so if you prefer PB go ahead I won't get mad. LOL)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp himalayan salt

1. Line a square baking pan with parchment or wax paper. Cut the paper longer than the pan because you will use the excess for pressing the rice cereal mix.
2. In a saucepan, heat all ingredients except the rice cereal in a low heat until they are all melted together.
3. Pour the rice cereal in a big bowl and pour the melted honey and almond butter over it and mix together.
4. Transfer the rice cereal in the baking pan and press HARD. You can use rubber spatula or your hand over the wax paper. I used my hand because it works better for me.
5. Let it cool then cut into square.
This recipe is gluten free and without harmful sugar or marshmallow because it was naturally sweetened with honey. It has good amount of protein from the almond butter which make it a great snack for kids and people who are watching their diet.
I don't know about you but for me, I am scared of getting hungry so with this comfort food, I made it sure that I can have it anytime I got a craving. I individually wrapped the rice crispy squares in wax paper and taped them. I stored them in an air tight container. I came up with 30 squares so I was good for the entire month.

There you go friends... hope you come up with the same result. Let me know when you try this recipe. Until next time.

Recipe inspiration: Happily Unprocessed

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