The Light from Paradise

The dusk is gathering, snowflakes dancing around the lazy newly-lit LED street lights, stopping on the skyscrapers and accumulating on it. Walking along the obscure road for thousands of times, today, it’s so different, a kind of complicated pain burst out from his chest. It seems that the whole world are to be drowned by the pain.

Suddenly, a sweet voice, from far to near, floating into his ear. “The distance street lights shining like countless stars, and the stars looks as if the LED street lights.” the voice is his beloved, who carries a pair of eyes as shining as Led industrial lighting solutions. Moreover, what the girl like best is LED butterfly street lights. However, it’s regrettable that she passed away. From then on, his ambition is to make out the most beautiful LED street lights , to make the girls eyes exist forever, After several decades, he works in the most successful LED street lights company, the lights on the whole street are made by his own company. To create a bright enough LED street lights used in outdoors, he overcomes lots of technical obstacles. Such as, how to radiate under the situation of high power, how to control junction temperature, and how to waterproof, dustproof as well as moisture proof. Compared with traditional LED Street lights, the light made by his own company are more energy efficient, stable but less maintain cost. What’s more? It can be used in garden, municipal roads, urban street, and all kinds of places that need high luminance of lighting condition.

He hastened his steps, seeing the light given out by LED street lights, he feels that she is beside him. His mood is better, thinking that environment is changed by heart, as long as there is light in one’s own heart, the one you love is always beside you.


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