A Grateful Heart Weekends: Trash

In this modern time, anything and everything can be easily acquired. No effort is needed to get the things we want if money is not a problem.

Most of the time, things of great value can be taken for granted once it already served its purpose or when upgrades have been made.

A lot of times, things lost their importance when they get broken despite the fact that they can be fixed and restored.
And sometimes, the value of things and people has no difference at all.

Sad... but true.

-Ruthi Orona-Gregoire

Father, a lot of times we take for granted what we have and most of the time we don't value our talents. 
Father, forgive us for being wasteful. Help us to see blessings in small things. 
And grant us a conscientious heart that we may be able to see beauty in things that seem worthless to our eyes.Amen.