#ruthiliciousYoga || Lighting my Spark Within in Amorgos Island

Life's little surprises are life's little perks or not. #ruthilicioushindsight

I don't know about you but for me, surprises can either break your heart or give you a heart attack (because you are too surprised, your heart can't take it).

I almost did when I received that very significant text message from @yogi.erun in IG, informing me that I was the Grand Prize Winner in the New Year-Better You Giveaway. The contest that she and her partner @clarissa_mae co-hosted with 3 other generous people at the start of the New Year.

Some ME TIME practicing yoga at the rooftop of the hotel with the breathtaking
Aegiali Bay and the Aegean Sea in the backdrop.

Holy Down Dog! Good thing I didn't have a heart attack or...

I wouldn't have experienced the thrill, the hoo-hah, and the hoopla of practicing yoga every day for one incredible week at the magical Aegilis Hotel and Spa. The luxury hotel in Amorgos Island with a breathtaking view of the blue Aegiali bay and the surrounding mountain of Krikellos.

My sacred SPACE where I reconnected and lighted my spark within.

I wouldn't have enjoyed the camaraderie of being around beautiful like-minded people and being a part of an inspiring and motivating TRIBE in which energy is infectious. Having the chance to share stories and waves of laughter with these kind souls definitely made me appreciate my life more and on a different level now.

And I wouldn't have the rare opportunity to experience yoga at the Namaste Yoga Shala from a totally different perspective. And which gave me a stronger grip of the practice and the affirmation of how blessed I am to deserve this.


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I got 4 prizes from that contest and this is one of them - an All Expenses Paid Yoga Retreat in Amorgos, Greece. I am totally stoked with this one up to this moment because this is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that didn't happen to the rest of the 300+ yogis who participated in the contest.

Again, this is one of the four prizes I got from that contest. And this one is the grandest and redic-to-the-max if I may say so. Nothing can top this one so far and as of this writing, this is still the moment where I am living up to this day since I came back from that trip.

Spring is amazingly beautiful on Amorgos Island.

All these years I thought I was not a lucky person because I have never won anything in my entire life until now. Well, maybe I did win something... like $2 on some scratch-off cards every now and then and a few times of $4 on lottery tickets but that's all about it. And yes, I did win a DVD player at the church fundraising event a couple of years ago but I had to sell raffle tickets that I ended up paying myself since I didn't have anybody to sell them to.

But this one, I didn't pay anything to join.

And I WON!
With Erin and Clarissa at the rooftop of Aegialis Hotel and Spa overlooking the breathtaking Aegean Sea.

This prize is the ultimate nerve-rocking-mind-boggling (in a good way) Yoga Retreat in Amorgos, Greece sponsored by the Light The Spark Within called Ancient Awakenings Retreat. This was led by LTSPW two passionate, kind-hearted, inspiring, motivational, dedicated, and generous yoga teachers Erin Marie of E Marie Wellness and Clarissa Mae of Clarissa Mae Yoga who unselfishly gave their all for the success of this retreat.
Doing some yoga poses with the Light the Spark Within creators and founders Erin and Clarissa.
Yoga Outfits for the 3 of us: YogaClub Box
Photo by: Sica of Von Medicus Photography

I know you want more detail about this grand prize so I will let you in right now.

It was a whole week of Yoga Retreat in the paradise island of Amorgos, Greece, which includes:

Are you ready for this?

Hold on to your yoga pants my dearest yogis...

The whole package includes:

    • 7-Day Accommodation at Aegialis Hotel and Spa
    • Transfer To and From Amorgos Pier
    • 2 meals a day (good thing I only eat 2 meals a day since I'm on Intermittent Fasting)
    • Daily Yoga Classes and Workshops
    • All adventure and transportation during the retreat
    • 30-minutes massage and 10% off spa services

The facade of the hotel promises every guest magnificent accommodation and stay.

Aegialis Hotel and Spa is bursting with color and happiness.

My postcard-perfect view every day at breakfast. 

I don't know what good things I did that made me worthy of these blessings. But I do know that someone out there is listening to my heart's desire and know what I deserved. So I am GRATEFUL indeed.

 With my Tribe at the hotel's rooftop after the epic photoshoot.

The mandatory Family Photo of the LTSW Tribe. You can tell from our smile how happy we were together on this journey of a lifetime.

If I didn't win the contest...

I wouldn't have the chance to get that much-needed me-time to get pampered and experience the adventure of being on the spellbinding island of Amorgos in Greece.

The land of the gods and goddesses... of feta cheese and greek yogurt... of baklava and I-don't-care-if-those-are-loaded-with-calories yummy desserts... of stray cats and goats.

The place was a true paradise on earth, in my opinion.

The GODDESS in ME, living the dream in Yogi's Paradise Island.

But I did WIN and I emerged as a WINNER (in the contest and in Life).

During the retreat, there was a lot of realization and shifting in my alignment that happened unexpectedly. Perhaps, it was the reason why I was there in the first place. Maybe it was where I need to be after all. Or, it was pre-arranged a long time ago by the gods and goddesses for me to come here at the right time.

Who knows?

As I reflect upon this fortunate event, I realized that it is just the tip of the iceberg. And I can feel inside me that there are more wonderful things waiting for me to happen. It is only a matter of timing.


Looking back now I realized too that I won a lot of battle and contest in the past and I wasn't just aware of it. Maybe I just failed to recognize them. Or I wasn't grateful for the small things I have in life.

Yes, I fought every single battle that I faced in the past and won every single one of them with dignity.

The funny thing is, I don't know why it took me only now to realize that I am a winner all my life. That I didn't back down and surrender to my weaknesses and instead stood tall and kept fighting.

I guess it only needs some authentic Greek yogurt and baklava to get me into my senses and appreciate myself again.

I am a fighter!
I am strong!
I am a winner!


Erin and Clarissa of The Light the Spark Within are going back to Aegialis Hotel and Spa to be one of the presenters at the 2020 Elysia Yoga Convention, in March 2020. Check out their links if you are interested... have questions... and would like to get a discount for signing up.

Erin of E Marie Wellness
Clarissa of Clarissa Mae Yoga (also for her upcoming events around Spearfish, South Dakota)


  1. So GRATEFUL for you my friend! And how amazing that you got to join us. I know that it was all meant to be. The Universe working to bring us ALL together. The perfect mix, the perfect place and and incredible experience. Thank you so much for writing these words, for sharing your journey and for sharing yourself with us! I can't wait to have you join us again!!

  2. So GRATEFUL for you my friend! And how amazing that you got to join us. I know that it was all meant to be. The Universe working to bring us ALL together. The perfect mix, the perfect place and and incredible experience. Thank you so much for writing these words, for sharing your journey and for sharing yourself with us! I can't wait to have you join us again!!