#RuthiliciousDesigns: How Ruthilicious Designs was accidentally conceived and born out-of-wed-lock

My boredom and sincere desire to keep some humans alive have some adverse effects on my ability to control my hoarding tendencies. I am the kind of person who needs to do things during my break or non-working days or else I will be either picking fights with unsuspected humans or passing judgment on people I come in contact with whether they are real or virtual. LOL

In other words, I need my hands and brain working and creating stuff so humanity will be safe. With that being said, I am glad that I can create things... beautiful things that I can be proud of. However, it is not always a great thing though. Because when I create stuff, they always get out of control and then I don't know what to do with them.

Thanks, Universe for Craft Fairs.

At one of the WES Holiday Fairs.

Craft Fair in Sanford.

At the Carl J. Lamb Elem. School Craft Fair.
At the Acton Fair

At the USM Craft Show

At the Shapleigh Celebration Day

On the weekends, I normally indulge in some hobbies that kept me occupied or avoid doing chores. And I don't think there is a problem with that until I realize that whatever I produced they quickly get out of hand most of the time.

The first time I learned that I can sculpt things with playdough (by accident) I spent almost $500 on materials and tools alone. And of course, the result was amazing and yes, out-of-control. I made hundreds of cute and tiny things made of polymer clay. It became my obsession for a while and I did sell them in different Craft Shows in different towns.

Some keychains

Tiny Jewelry round boxes

Bookmarks and pieces of jewelry made of polymer clay

Clip bookmarks

More keychains

That is the day Ruthilicious Designs came to be.

Well, not really. Before Ruthilicious Designs, I call my business - It's-A-Craft (By Ruthilicious Designs). I wanted to call it What-A-Craft but there is already a Blog Website with that name. I only needed the business name so I can make a website to sell my products. So it was the only name available at that time. And for over 3 years, I called my business - It's-A-Craft.

I needed a business name so I can sell and cash in that stuff that I don't have any use for. I also created a blog or website just for my products which I made from scratch. I learned to design my own website through research and realized that I can design digitally too. So I also accidentally became a web designer for a little while and made some money by designing a website for a few people who insisted that they want me to design their blog. But that didn't last long when I got a second job. I also did a few digital scrapbooking which became useful for my party planning venture. That didn't last long too but I did make some cash doing it.

Birthday paraphernalia for my cousin's birthday celebration 

Box birthday card.

Party decor

Personalized giveaways 

Personalized glass light block.

But Ruthilicious Designs continued to evolve from then on. From the website to logo to business cards. And my creations evolved simultaneously with every little thing that caught my attention from digital scrapbooking to paper art-making with the help of Cricut (a toy I love to play with).

Assuming that you are a regular visitor of my blog, you already heard by now that I can't color mandala and zentangle art pieces but I can draw them. If you haven't yet... here is the link.

Then for no reason, I became obsessed with the mandala, entangles and words-of-modern-day-wisdom. And since I'm into it right now, you guess it right, they went out of hand just like the others. 

Mandala/Zentangle 4x4 framed artworks and #ruthilicioushindsight Affirmation pieces.

#ruthilicioushindsight framed Affirmation pieces.


A great reminder when practicing yoga or for just having a bad day.

#ruthilicioushindsight piece

#ruthilicioushindsight pieces

One of the many maps of Maine.

And since I am capable of getting things out-of-control, of course, I got tons of copies that I don't have any use for. And out of whim, I started selling them or giving them away as prizes for IG Giveaways and Challenges and of course use them as emergency gifts and presents for any occasion for family members and friends.

Ruthilicious Designs is now a small business for me.

Though I haven't put my whole attention to it right now since I still have a full-time day job but I hope that one day I will quit that job and focus on my business. But it is my other source of income if not my life-saving distraction from the hustle and bustle of my busy life.

And that is how I got an accidental BUSINESS.

------------------------------------- #ruthiliciousDesigns-------------------------------------

#ruthiliciousDesigns is a Trade Mark
of beautifully hand-drawn Mandala/Zentangles
and Affirmation art pieces.