#ruthiliciousTravels: The Joy of Traveling

Since I started blogging way back 2008-ish I realized that I blogged about a lot of topics like food, fitness, hobbies, crafts, photography, and relationship. I even hosted guest writers whom I didn't even know personally and product reviews where I get paid for. I also wrote about the different places I've been to and the places I want to travel to. And all of these made this blog - nicheless because my mojo was all over the place.

But I don't really care.

This blog is my personal journal where I document some of the most important events in my life, all my favorite things to do, my endless rants about practically everything under the sun, my nagging thoughts and anything I can think of. This is my personal diary that I want to share with the whole world.

Is there anything wrong with that?

Doha on the horizon at dawn is magical.
Yes, I love to write about practically anything my energy is drawn to but when I became busy with my real job (that's my first alibi) I didn't have much time to blog and for some reason (mostly laziness). The last one I wrote about my travel was in 2018 when my brothers came to visit me here in the States. Yeah, I was slacking so bad and wasn't very unproductive for a long time. And I'm not very proud of it. I had to admit, I can't stick to any specific topic at all because my brain is all over the place too.

But if there is one thing I always want to write about, it would be the places where I've been to not because I have tons of photos I want to share but because travel is my passion as well as yoga, mandala, photography, craft, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Travels make me happy. Traveling is my ultimate cure for boredom. My heart is always full when I am in a totally different place. My soul is born to explore and I feel that I am Dora's long lost twin sister separated at birth.

Always ready. Always prompt. Always exploring.

I don't know anybody who doesn't like to travel. And I am lucky to know some people who have the same passion for traveling as I do. I am also blessed to have 2 brothers who shared my traveling genes and that made every adventure I have with them extra special.

Since the dawn of IG, where the "there-is-a-hashtag-for-that era" became my other mojo I started using the (hashtag)ruthiliciousTravels to get my travel adventures trending. Every single place I've been to has to carry the same hashtag... just because.

Thus, #ruthiliciousTravels was born.

As a former History teacher, I taught a lot about places or countries that made great impact on our history. Significant cultures and traditions that became the foundation of these beautiful places are things I crave for. And important places and culture that became the very core of its humanity are all worth looking back to. But all of these lessons I taught from the books didn't give justice to what I have experienced first hand when I actually set my foot in the real places written in the books I used to teach my students.

Exploring never stops when there is no bridge.

The moment I become a part of the place I used to read in the books and teach my students, I was totally transformed into a new person. There is so much to discover not only from the places I've been to but even within myself. The reality gives me an authentic perspective of the place, the people, the culture, the traditions, and history. I am always in awe and yet ready to be surprised and challenged. And most importantly, I am constantly open to any possibilities that I might encounter during my travels.

So that is why I have #ruthiliciousTravels and will always have this hashtag to single out every country and place I've been to and will travel to.

I will be forever ready to explore and continue to discover places, people, cultures, and traditions to educate myself because I will always be a student of life.