burnt out multi-tasker

I am a multi-tasker. And I am proud of it. Or was I?

I have 4 blogspot sites that I am currently juggling to update and manage. I have 5 or more different website accounts that needed to be attended too. And I have signed up for 4 or more PTC websites aside from the other paying forum that I also have to keep up with.

I have only one computer unit, 2 hands, 1 mind, tons of chores to finish, a demanding husband, a handful step-son, friends that I need to update with my present situation, regular prayer time, and the list goes on and one.

I need a break. But not today. I still have to write another blog after this... in another website.

Ahh, the life of a multi-tasker!


AbBy said…
lol! same with u ruthie! hahaha....i like the way you express it...i don't want to be a copy cat but i think i wanted to express such thoughts in my blog..adding u!
Ruthi said…
Thanks Abby, I appreciate it. I will link you up too. See yah around.