reaching out and getting paid off

As you may know by now, I am still out of work. Winter is taking forever here in Maine (even if it is already spring, officially) and hubby is still worried that the icy road will traumatize me (or him). Beside the fact that I still don't have a car yet to practice my driving skill plus, the fact that I still don't have a valid Maine driver's license, I am still stuck here in my bedroom, 24/7 waiting for the sun to rise and set. Just joking. I do go out a lot, hubby take me out to movies and Chinese on Saturdays or do our hobby together (ice-fishing)

Oh well, I can rant and rant and still can't do anything about it. So I might as well make myself useful and productive. So here goes, I found this nice website community were I can reach out to a lot of people (mostly stay-at-home wife/mom) all over the world who share different passion for almost everything. I get to know a lot of people of different background, culture and orientation. And I learn a lot of things, ideas and whatnot through sharing and discussion with myLot and Clickex Forum, two important sites which I truly enjoy a lot now. But what's the catch? Not much... but aside from making friends... I AM MAKING MONEY! Yup, I do.

But that is beside the point. Of course, I want money. At this point, I need money so I can help my hubby pay the bills. But being able to do something productive and useful is what is more important to me now. Oh, c'mon... I am serious here. Being able to do something and make a living is so important specially at this time when the economy is sagging.

Okay, so why don't you just try it and tell me if I am telling the truth or not. I cannot say anything more about it but... I just love myLot community. It helps me keep my sanity intact. I makes me feel important because I am able to share my ideas and opinion with a lot of people. I am able to find answer to a lot of questions in my mind through discussion that I start. And I am able to encourage others by responding to their discussions as well.

With the modern technology we have right now, why not take advantage of it. This is the best way to communicate and make a difference... and a living too.


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