my shoes and I

I have a huge collection of shoes. What do you expect? Every woman has an imeldific side to her… so don’t ever ask or complain. My collection is forever changing… endlessly accumulating… constantly updating. I am a woman – to the max… so don’t ever question it. I just love shoes and everything that go with it… like bags… accessories… clothes… etc… etc… etc. I am a woman, I told you, didn’t I?

The world will be a lonely place to live in without shoes. Shoes make me happy. Shoes give me joy in times of great depression [not that “depression” in world history]. Shoes save me from drowning in my personal sulking mood and weird moments. My shoes and I have a certain kind of bonding that only “real women” can understand. Oh well, I know there are some of you who can relate to it. So there you go… this is my tribute to my – SHOES! Love them… and never ever hate them. Shoes rule!