Thursday, February 28, 2008

TO blog or... NOT TO blog

Blogging has now become a way of life to a lot of upcoming and frustrated writers like me. The term is maybe new in the field of literature but this is not surprising at all. Modern literature evolved so dramatically over the years and to keep up with it makes one on the right track. That is why you can find all kinds of writers in almost all corners of the world and more frequently in the cyber-world. It's the new trend and just like any trend, everyone wants to have a grasp of it.

I love writing and blogging is inevitable if you are into it. They don't really have much difference except with the spelling but the point it, they both give the same high and the same amount of time, effort and practice.

Like writing, blogging needs time. It's like a baby that needs time for nurturing if you want it to grow strong and beautiful.

Like writing, blogging needs effort. It's like a toddler that needs a great deal of motivation if you want it to be effective and useful.

And like writing, blogging needs practice. It's like a teenager that needs a lot of appreciation if you want it to be more productive and powerful.

People blog for different reasons. Some do it for personal compilations and others for public sharing. Some do it as a hobby and others take it as a real job. Some do it to express their talents and some do it to earn extra income.

One thing I like about blogging is - it helps me to be creative. My creative side is always challenge. And I can creat almost anything. My imagination is my only limitation with blogging. Just like with Buzzfuse. I love this website because I can create photo albums, music, post my write-ups, and a lot more. But more importantly, it could help me market my work and get paid for it. I can improve my skill or talent in writing by its wonderful feature through feedback and engaging in wider audience. Aside from that I can also be appreciated by other people of the same interest and share with them mine through Buzzfuse unique feature of online inter-action with people and friends all over the world. I can also help other people through reviews and get them buzzing.

But whatever reason one has for blogging... blogging - is the new way of life. So to blog or not to blog... it all depends on the mood of the blogger. Happy blogging.

Friday, February 8, 2008

the waiting game

It was snowing for three days straight. And what a bored human being like me got to do with this kind of predicament? ICE-FISHING!

I got the license... I got the boots (L.L. Bean)... I got the goose down jacket (reversible and L.L. Bean too)... I got a warm scarf, an equally warm hat, and an insulated red gloves... I got a fishing pole, baits, Lays lightly salted potato chips,and almond joy chocolate bar... I'm all set.Hubby, Brandon and I tracked down the trail we set up couple of days back to reach the frozen dam. The snow was deeper than the first time we were there. The river was as gorgeous as the first time I saw it and I can clearly see the steel bridge downstream because it was not foggy unlike two days ago. We found the holes that hubby drilled before. Well, actually Brandon did... he slipped into the holes (all three of them) while he was playing around and hubby drilled one more. We set out the poles and the baits and the waiting game begun.

It was snowing. It was freezing cold. The scenery is phenomenal. But we caught nothing. We'll try again next time... soon.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

winter it is

I'm barely a year here in Maine. I came May of 2007 and I've survived three seasons of unpredictable changing weather. (I'm now looking forward to spring but not just yet.) I am enjoying winter... a lot. Coming from a tropical country, winter is a new twist. This is my first time to see, feel, smell and taste... snow. And I am constantly awed by it's beauty.

Snow came early this year (a couple of weeks before the official winter season). Too early but just the right time to stage a wonderful white christmas for a person who never had it all her life... till now! And perhaps... it's mother nature's way of welcoming me to Maine.

Winter is unpredictable. It's kinda scary too, specially when I watch the weather report on TV and listen to the whining of my hubby and in-laws about it. But I still love it. I enjoy a lot of winter activities which I never thought exist... ice-fishing, ice-smelting, snowshoeing and snowmobiling... or simply shoveling the driveway. I love the sight of the white powdery cool-whip-like icing on the grounds and the trees.

It is simply amazing. Yes, it's cold but a cup of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows kept me warm and happy.