Monday, October 12, 2009

I Don't Like Monday

It's the day of the week when I usually get cranky for reasons too many to mention. But for what it's worth, this is the day of the week that I need to deal with whether I like it or not.

It supposed to be a nice, warm and sunny weekend. Well, it was indeed a nice, warm and sunny long weekend due to Columbus Day. We didn't have school but I still have to work for 6 hours [from 8am to 2pm] and had the rest of the day shopping since it was a payday too. It was supposed to be a long nice weekend and I was hoping to do a lot of window shopping at the mall with my friend but no... I had to stay home the entire weekend to babysit my cold. Darn it!

But that is not really the main reason why I don't like Monday. It's just one of the reasons because it is the recent one. I always hate Monday for as long as I can remember. Monday being the start of the weekday gives me reason to brag about how bad the weekend was or how I wish weekend would be a little longer when I had so much fun. I hate Monday because weekend is too way far to have another rest. I hate Monday because I still have to go through Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then Friday... before it will be weekend again.

Monday is the start of the week and with every start you need a new perspective or continue with the old one. But Monday will never go and so I have to deal with it. Maybe next Monday it will be a different Monday. And who knows? I might love it then. Then, I will write another blog... I like Monday now.


Manny said...


I like mondays, it's the day of the week when I plan all my week, and schedule my time on projects and meetings, but that's how I work, mondays always are for planning, so it's like an extension of the weekend because it's a slow day for me :D
But from tuesday to friday I'm really really busy :S

The Snappy Sparrow said...

i hate mondays! hahaha

Ruthi said...

@ Manny... Good for you. You are one of the few people I know who like Mondays. Thanks for the visit.

Ruthi said...

@ Snappy Sparrow... welcome to the club. hahaha. Thanks for the visit.