Pomegranate Mania

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I now go for healthy options with regards to the food I eat now. I started eating more fruit servings than I used to. And one of the fruits that I like eating is pomegranate. I just hate preparing it.

So I googled about it and I came up with these simple and unmessy steps in preparing them.

1. Cut the fruit around the crown and the bottom part of it.

2. Score the fruit into quarters.

3. Put cold water in a bowl.

4. Open the fruit through the part where it was scored to reveal the red seeds.

5. Loosen up the seeds from the fruit's hard skin and pulp in the bowl filled with cold water.

6. The seeds will sink in the bottom of the bowl and the pulp will float, remove them.

7. Strain the water and remove some of the left over pulp.

8. Eat the seeds with its pits the way you want it and presto.

Now you can enjoy your pomegrante without the messy aftermath of preparing it.


Anonymous said…
I love pomegranate! They are delicious and so good for you!

Thanks for visiting me..
Ruthi said…
@Icy... thanks for visiting too.