Friday, January 15, 2010

How would I?

If there are two things I cannot live without in my blogosphere world… they are my eyeglasses and my most reliable digital camera. Well, I need both to be able to do blogging and to be able to get my ideas across. Without my glasses I can’t write anything because I can’t see what I was writing. Without my digital camera I will not be able to post nice pictures that go with the write up. And every blogger in blogosphere knows it.

Blogging gives me a lot of opportunities that I didn’t know exist before. It definitely changed my life and my lifestyle. If I love shopping before I even love shopping now. I love online shopping more because of the convenience and practically of it.

I did a lot of online shopping from underwear to eyewear. How would I know anything about Zenni Optical if not from surfing online? How would I know that they sell high quality, stylist and yet low cost eyewear if I didn’t read it from an article in And how would I be able to enjoy blogging if I wasn’t able to get those stylist yet affordable eyeglasses from Zenni Optical? How would I?

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