Friday, July 30, 2010

The American Way

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the things I love about Maine is its old fashion charm. Despite modernization, Maine was able to retain its New England charm… especially in the aspect of commercialism and shopping.

Speaking of shopping! I may have frequented the Malls to use my VS gift card to claim my free undergarments or get a $10 discount on special products every now and then… swiped my sacred plastic cards out of mere impulse to acquire a $48 flip-flops… and checked out other outlet stores for SALE and discounts, but that was all about it. The charm of local boutiques and stores selling locally made merchandise is still my kind of shopping.

I live in a rather conservative rural town where my next door neighbor is about half a mile away. And given such scenario, you will agree why I still prefer to pick my fruits and vegetables from the farm or buy them pre-picked from the farmer’s market or better yet grow my own vegetable garden. I like my milk and eggs from a friend’s farm. And yes, I like my other basic needs Made in America instead of Made in China.

Another thing that I like about Maine is that, Mainers take pride of their home, their livelihood, their history and their roots. That is why even if other states have embraced modernization and succumbed to outsourcing their very livelihood and opted to buy and use low quality products made half around the world, Mainers remained loyal and take pride of their own products. This is very true with The Ramblers Way Farm.

Ramblers Way Farm did not just produce and sell high quality Men and Women’s apparels. They source, grow, and produce their fine woolen apparel using 100% domestic resources. They have helped poor small Maine towns by bringing their manufacturing facilities right in their doorstep so they can help revitalize these small Maine communities and its people.

Here is some additional information about The Ramblers Way Farm:

The Ramblers Way Corporate Office is a fully refurbished building that was originally built in 1792 and is located in downtown Kennebunk, Maine. The building has been restored to its original condition, while being modernized to meet today's environmental standards. They have even achieved the coveted Gold Lead Certification level!

So next time you find your way to Maine, don’t forget to bring home with you a true-Maine pride.

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betchai said...

i too would prefer to pick my vegetables in the farm too Ruthi, but sadly, they are quite a far drive from us, so the nearest to that I can do is shopping at Farmer's market. I buy local, I love buying the local produce :)