Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking Shopping to the Next Level

I am a self-confessed online shopaholic. Yup, I love shopping online because it’s more convenient for me. One advantage of online shopping is that I can go shopping in my PJs. How cool is that, huh? I don’t need to drive to town and have a hard time finding a parking spot. And most importantly, I don’t need to complain about my aching feet at the end of the day.

Online shopping is very common nowadays. It is not just very convenient it is also practical. And one of the things that I like about online shopping is that I find a lot of items that are not sold in the store at discounted price too.

Nowadays, a lot of people I know buy stuff online… from clothes to shoes… from food to drink… from electronics to furniture… from jewelries to health and beauty products… from baby goods to adult stuff… from almost anything under the sun. And one of the best online shopping engines that I like to check stuff from is It provides a complete directory of thousand of stores and retailers all over the world.

Yes, you can buy stuff from Germany, FranceNetherlands, Spain and almost all speaking countries in the word like the UK and Australia without living the confines of your home or getting stranded in an airport. LOL 

It indeed saves you not only your precious time and your hard earned money but your sanity too. And that is what I call.... shopping to the next level!


Cee said...

I love shopping, but I'm so tamaaad when it comes to walking. It's like another chore for me to do that's why I love online buying too.

Good day Ruthi!

betchai said...

I am not so fond of shopping Ruthi, however, I do not understand why I always have needs that will make me shop, so I justify my shopping as I need them :)

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Ruthi, thanks for the interesting posts with useful links.

Icy BC said...

I love shopping online too, Ruthi, especially in the winter!