Wonderful Tools

Guest post written by Billy Summers

I grew up without Internet, without satellite tv, and without ever going to a fast food restaurant. Today I think about the past and I realize that I can’t live without the internet or satellite tv. Because of the internet and satellite tv, I am more informed, never bored, and an overall more intelligent person.

Since I grew up in a strict family, I always believed that what my mom said about health, school, democrats, and basically the whole world was true. It’s amazing how my mom still doesn’t have satellite tv and has never surfed the internet yet still pulls the, “I know all” game, on us kids. Just the other day she tried getting into an argument with my dad and I said, “See, if you had gotten deals on clear bundle, you would have already seen this or could look it up instead of arguing!” My mom, who I have to admit is ignorant, replied with, “What good it that going to do?”

Well, I have news for people like my mom. The satellite tv and the internet are wonderful tools for the world. All of the information isn’t always true, but the they have opened a scope of information to people around the world. Without them, I would have never gotten through the thirty plus novels I had to write about in college, and I wouldn’t be able to keep in contact with old and new friends as easily. I can live without fast food, but not satellite tv or the internet!


  1. Ruthi, I have this to say to your guest: Moms are smarter than you think but I agree that the internet is very useful. :-)