Keeping better track of my money in 2011

Guest post written by Alexandria McCall

Since I started working a few years ago, I kind of developed a shopping and credit card problem, where I shopped too much and used too many credit cards. Now I'm realizing how I need to take better care of my money and am working to pay down a lot of my credit card debt. But I've decided to get really serious about this now and made a 2011 New Year's resolution to put my finances in a much better place and pay off the rest of my credit cards.

I guess I was one of those college students that credit card companies go after that ended up signing for way too many credit cards. But I've really taken responsibility to make up for that lack of responsibility over the last few years. Now I track my banking with my ClearInternet so much that I know it like the back of my hand.

I'm also cutting out needless shopping as part of mymoney New Year's resolution. I got my boyfriend in on it too so that when I talk about going shopping he reminds me of my goals, which kind of keeps me in line.


Craig said…
Having someone for support with a goal is a great way to keep yourself accountable! Best of luck.