Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Call from Down Under

Howdy Mate! What’s up with the Aussie greeting? Well, I got a call from my Aussie citizen cousin who got written-off – [car involved in a crash that is not worth repairing] last week. It was not really that kind of call and news that I really like to receive from him. Good thing he was fine and good thing that he got a good and reliable Car Insurance too.

When I had a car accident years ago, I was really scared. But I was more scared of my car because it was brand new and barely a year old. Silly as it was but I was thinking more of how I will pay for my car when it was totaled and useless. I can’t go to work because here in Maine, means of transportation is a huge thing because you cannot go anywhere without it. Good thing I got reliable car insurance too, so I was happy that my car was replaced with a brand new one too.

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Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

No what you mean. My car was down for a day short of a week. I had to go everywhere with someone else and sit around and wait while they did whatever. I felt like a hostage. lol