Get into the Scrubs

When I was younger I was fascinated by nurses pretty much because of their uniform. They look so professional in white nursing uniforms with matching white cap worn on their hair. Then I outgrown my fancy childhood dream because I kinda got bored with white uniform specially when I went to college where my uniform was... yes, you guess it right - white. I found it so boring.

After 3 decades, a lot of things have changed and that includes nursing uniforms. And they are not called that anymore but rather... scrubs. I kinda like it and my fascination is back probably because I am thinking of enrolling again in medical school not really just to wear scrubs but because it is one of the most bankable professions nowadays.

Well, I was looking at some all cotton scrubs online and I found out that there are lots of cheap scrub uniform to choose from. Now, that part of the issue is settled, I just wonder if I could really have the time and the resources to get into a new career.