My Beach, My Family

You have not been to My Philippines if you have not been to one of its gorgeous beaches. It's not a cliche. It's a fact.
Philippines being an archipelago has 7,107 islands. It sits in the Pacific Ocean. It boasts of its abundant marine life and scenic beaches.
The ocean water which is warm all year-round and forever blue captivated the heart of my Mikey before me. LOL. This is one thing about the Philippine waters that my Hubby loves aside from what he enjoy underwater.
I enjoyed it's beautiful sunset which I miss so much. I may be partial but I am so proud of my Philippines' sunset because it's breathtakingly gorgeous.
It's gorgeous beaches are truly paradise on earth. Nasugbu's fine peach sand is truly a big change from what I am now used to here in Maine shore.
So, during my summer vacation my family went to Nasugbu, Batangas. I had a truly wonderful time with my them whom I have not seen for 5 long years.
With two of the most important people in my life.
With Gary
With Japol

We stayed in one of the resorts there and had a wonderful time swimming and enjoying its 80 degrees water...
playing and horsing around with each other...
making sand castles...
and simply strolling in its peach colored sand.
Nasugbu is only one of the many beaches in the Philippines. And since I have spent only 7 weeks there is no way I could go to every single one. And since Batangas is the closest we can go to, it was the best choice for us that time. Maybe when I come back for another visit in the future, I will go see other exciting places that offer exciting water activities.

Photo Credits: Thanks to Japol for all the other photos posted here (all those without my watermark).

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  1. Agree.....we have gorgeous beaches and the most beautiful of di ko maiwan iwan hahahaha.......I kept scrolling for that photo of you in bikini yah!

  2. me too, i kept on scrolling the photo with ruthi in swimsuit, haha, galing nang pagkakuha. i miss our warm water too, where we can swim from sunrise to sunset or even at night and not feel cold.