I made a sale!

Remember the Happy Snowmen Fun Math Activties that I made for my TPT store? I finally made a sale! How wonderful is that?
It really felt good that someone really bought my product. Now, I am so fired up. I need more snow days to come up with new stuff. LOL

Some of the worksheets that are included in the packet that my student did.

Anyway, I emailed the packet to Mrs. P, the head of the Special Education Department in our school and guess what? She used it for our students to work on.
More of the worksheets in my packet.

I am so proud! Can't wait to make more lessons to put in my TPT Store. And yes, lots of them will be for FREE!


  1. sistah, one of the top blogs i know is a teacher din ata. she makes a lot of downloadable worksheets for school kids, nagta-top siya kasi dinadagsa siya ng mga nanay at teachers din. keep it up, before you know it, top blogger ka na rin. :)

  2. Wow yey for you!!! Go go go sistah!!! :)