Happy Snowmen Fun Math Activities

So I finally came up with a Math Lesson for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Kiddos. I call it Happy Snowmen Fun Match Activities.
It is now on sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and up for grab.

This comes in both PDF and Zip files
It has 14 different fun Math Worksheets that can be used for different Math activities such as: Snowflakes Graph, Snowflakes and Snow Gear Patterns, Snowmen Addition and Upside-Down Snowmen Subtraction, 10 Less/ 10 More and 1 Less/1 More Snowmen.

This is in preparation for the long winter we will surely have here in the US. So this worksheets are good for homework and extra activities for the kiddos to brush up on their Math Skills.


  1. oh wow, you're so creative Ruthi, you're just full of talents. wish i know how to make these too

  2. i agree with Beth, you are full of talents and so happy that you are making good use of them. :)