#ruthiliciousYoga || The First Savasana

Early this year, a major shift in my life's journey took place. That being said, I realized that anything can happen in a flash and when you are not prepared for it you either find your sh*t all over the place or you're riding a unicorn without knowing it.

In my case, I was riding a unicorn. That is why I am blogging about it now.

So, since I won the contest New Year-Better Me Giveaway on IG, my life has changed from blah to fabulous. My unicorn guided me to find my new path and walk through it.

In a matter of days after the winner of the said contest was selected (which was ME), I received a text message from one of the sponsors of the contest - Crystal Gray,  the founder and the creator of the Yoga Goddess Academy and the amazing Author of Amazon's Best Selling new book - Goddesses Fart Too ... informing me that the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course will start on the 4th of February.

I will surely write a review of this book - Goddess Fart Too by Crystal Gray in another blog post.

She set up a phone interview with me to give me some briefing about the course and other fun facts about the YTT that she is offering me. I was so excited and kinda scared at the same time. I told her bluntly though that "I wasn't interested in becoming a yoga teacher and all I wanted was to learn how to practice yoga the right way, some bits, and pieces of history, philosophy, and safety care" to which she assured me that it's fine and there is no problem.

Little did I know that at that very moment, she was conspiring with the Universe and some heightened energy and vibration that I was set up for something huge.

Fast forward to the present, we are now on our 5th month of the YTT at the Yoga Goddess Academy. I'm still in and didn't drop out of the course. I almost did when Crystal told us to post a yoga pose tutorial LIVE on FB. Are you freakin' kidding me? I almost wet my yoga pants!

But Crystal has a magic power that makes me do what she told me to do. She was like the reincarnation of my mother. (God bless her soul.) I was nervous all the time and so frustrated because my self-esteem was so low I was certain it was 3000 feet below sea level. However, aside from Crystal, my classmates are wonderful too. They too are chosen and placed in my path by the Universe as my support system to help me achieve what I asked for. They cheer me on. They encourage me to do amazing things. They are just wonderful.

Anyway, I found myself being a good student trying everything to pass every requirement there is to make. Posting live videos in FB practice-teaching yoga poses to 3000 plus members of the Yoga Goddess Collective FB Page. And now teaching 1-hour yoga classes to real humans. How did that happen?

Don't ask me because I don't freakin' know too. All I know was I didn't sign up for it.

Wait a minute!

I did sign up for it, didn't I?

I signed up for it the moment I thought about it. And someone out there was paying attention and listening and granted it.
Savasana during my random Restorative Yoga Practice.

I signed up for it the minute I told myself that I want something good for my body. Something that will make me happy. Something that makes me feel special even just for an hour. And something that is selfishly just for me, in a good way.

I signed up for it the moment I felt good in my first savasana. That moment when I totally felt relaxed and grounded. When my entire body got heavy and in contact with the mat. And when my brain, for the first time in forever just ignored a thousand thoughts and I let them go.

I signed up for it the moment I learned how to breathe. Really, breathe... as in.

My yoga journey started over 5 years ago. It wasn't as consistent as it is now. And I remember that the first time I met my very first Yoga Teacher, Nichole Tracy of Sun Salutation Yoga and Wellness Center (who is equally amazing) I felt a certain vibration that I can't explain. I can only identify it as - good vibes. And from then on I practiced with her once a week for 2 1/2 years until I decided to do my own practice at home using YouTube Videos.

Aerial Yoga Savasana at Tula Studio.

My journey isn't done yet. In fact, it just started and I know that I have a long way to go. Wherever it is leading me,  I just let it go and follow the Unicorn. My unicorn definitely knows the way. That is what she is for anyway.

With Crystal Gray, I am guessing she is the Unicorn Goddess. I don't know how she was able to make me do things that I thought I can't. How does she even know I can do things that I thought I can't, in the first place? Weird! Totally! But one thing for sure, she knows what she is doing, and for the most part that I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING she knows I can do it. And apparently, what I was doing was right.

It could be magic. It could be the Goddess inside me too. Or it could be that Unicorn who lead me to the right path.

And it could be my heart.. that learns how to trust again.

My heart is open.
My mind is open.
My spirit is open.
I am grateful and open to receive.