#ruthiliciousTravels || Introducing my new travel vlog in my "theRuthiliciousWay" YouTube Channel

My journey has just started and I have a long way to go.
How long will it take to reach my goal is not a question I will ask myself.
I just want to enjoy my journey and live it.

I am back!

Well, I didn't really leave "leave", I am present... out and about... and simply lazy.

It's a COVID thing.

The new normal.

But I'm back to blogging and vlogging.

Yes, I have not blogged about my not-so-new YouTube Channel - theRuthiliciousWay, yet. It's been around for a while, I wasn't just too confident to promote it before. But since COVID got the worse best of me, I decided to ditch my insecurity and go with it.

So here I am blogging and telling the world that I decided to seriously vlog my travels and adventure because I have a feeling that I will be doing a lot of traveling in the unforeseeable future (pandemic permitted kind of situation though).

This pandemic has given me a different kind of incubation period for my spirit and inner light to shine and tap-in to my inner powerhouse.

A lot of inner work and underground renovation in my inner realm took place and I personally think I am ready to come out of my shell as a new human with a badass attitude. 

My breakthrough has been overwhelmingly awesome and I want to share it with the whole world hoping to inspire people and motivate them to seek their own breakthroughs.

I have traveled to 3 continents in 2019 and I feel it's only the start. 

The memories I created were too many to ignore and keep to myself. So, expect to see a lot of vlogs with walking-down-memory-lane contents.

So today, I am launching my #ruthiliciousTravels Vlog which will showcase my TRAVELS and ADVENTURES of the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN.

I have created cute (yes, I'm somewhat tooting my own horn here) intro and ending videos that I will include in each vlog that I'm creating -just because... I'm awesome like that. LOL

So I want to give you an initial introduction to what I'm talking about here.

For the #ruthiliciousTravels vlog post, I will be using these following short INTRO and ENDING videos to sandwich the main video which showcases time-lapsed videos, a short explanation of the place with some tips and relevant information about the place.

#ruthiliciousTravels INTRO video

#ruthiliciousTravels ENDING video

These last two short INTRO and ENDING videos will be used for the #ruthiliciousTravels SNIPPETS which is a shorter video with only a collection of photos I took during the travels. An explanation about the travel video will be found in the Description of the vlog.

#ruthiliciousTravelsSnippets INTRO video

#ruthiliciousTravelsSnippets ENDING video

There you go, my beautiful friends.

I am so excited about this newly acquired passion of mine.  I hope I will stick to it. It will be a first for me. For a person with too many interests, being focused is my worse enemy. 

Well, I just take things easy and enjoy the moment for now.

I hope you find your motivation just I did.

Take care.