the season I hate most

After surviving 4 seasons in Maine, I know I can take anything now. However, if there is one season that I really hate the most… it’s the election season. It’s just plain crazy.

There was this discussion that I responded to in myLot about a month ago and I want to post it here for the sake of my rant about election season.

This is the discussion started by Anhedonia entitled: I Wish the Election Were Over

I am looking forward to the post election relief. Whether the person I vote for wins or not, good lord, I just want it over. People get so edgy, so defensive and nerves so raw it's almost like a dogfight lol. They should put Prozac in the water during elections.

Whatever country you live in, do you feel a sense of relief after elections? Or just a sense of "we've been fooled again?" Do you become hopeful? Or do you just curse?

This was my response that got rated "the best response":

Honestly, the season that I hate most... is the election season. You are right, it is like a dog-fight. Politician vs. politicians. Supporters vs. supporters. It is always chaotic. Last year, when I got my visa, my fiance wanted me to come here right away. But I begged him to let me just vote for our mayor first. He said... what's the point? You will not be living there anymore. He got a point there right? But for me, I have a sense of responsibility to the people that I will leave behind to ensure that they will have a better future. But of course, I am only one count of a vote. But I was hopeful because, you cannot tell that my vote will make a difference. But worse can always happen. My mayor did not win and the good for nothing incumbent mayor (the crook) won again. I was furious because a lot of those people in our hometown are blinded and ignorant. I did not curse. But when I left, I told my friend. I will not come back in this town, unless that mayor is still in office.

Well, I was really emotional. I am a history teacher and somehow I know how politics is played in our country. It is one of the top countries in the world in terms of graft and corruption. And people know about it. And people don't care. I hate election season... winter is better even if the snow bank is as high as the roof of our house and the road is icy and slippery.

Well, no matter how many election seasons will come and go, I don't think I will ever like it.