taking fashion to the next level

One of my cyber friends called me in my a fashionista in her comment in one of my photos in my Friendster account. It was indeed a compliment.
I love my clothes. I love my shoes. I love my bags. I love my scarves. I love my accessories. What do you expect? I am a girl… so do the math.
I love trends and if I can afford it, why not? After all, dressing up is fun. It makes me feel good about myself. But then, I am a practical dresser. I don’t just go with the trend specially if it is too expensive and I will look stupid in it.
Let’s just say I am a safe dresser.Being a safe dresser means not only dressing on the safe side. Being a safe dresser means not spending beyond my means. Being a safe dresser means I won't ever be caught dead wearing one of these...
Those are truly beautiful and will surely make me pop... quite literally though. But nah, I am not that daring.
NOTE: Thanks again to my friend Carol for sending me these photos.