a test run

I just recently bought a domain for this blog "Ruthi's breathingSpace" which is http://www.ruthinian.com/ and am still waiting for its activation. Meantime, this is what I have in mind for the "header" - the school of fish [because I am a teacher and a Pisces, make sense?]. I also want to come up with a 3-column lay-out which I don't exactly know how to do but hoping that my friend Carlota will have the time to help me with it because I screwed up with my other blog already. She is an expert and the best in website designing.

Well, this is just a test run and I could use some help from all of you my friends in this major decision I am yet to make. So, can I get your honest opinion and suggestion about this design? I can take constructive criticism.

Note: The fish painting was painted by "yours truly" [painting is one of my hobbies too] and it was a gift I painted for my Hubby for his 49th birthday in May of 2006. It was inspired by the photo below which he took during one of his scuba diving stints in Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Philippines.