business as usual

After the 4th of July, I had a very long weekend. That is why, my blogging has to take a back seat for a while giving my brain the needed break it deserves and to recharge it. Well, other than the usual chores that I really had to do, I did have a chance to really have a good and relaxing weekend just across the border.

I did have a break from my daily routine too. I drove for 5 hours going to Bangor which is just about 2 hours drive away from the Canadian border. We stopped at Bangor for a night and went on to Calais where we crossed St. Croix bay to get to New Brunswick, Canada the following day. Other than the nasty bugs that made our newly washed car nastier than it was before it had its seasonal bath, everything was a-OK.

Now that I am back in Maine, I am back in business too. So hopefully, the vacation did give me the recharging I need and the break I deserve. And hopefully too, the experience will give me more interesting things to write and more inspirations to share.