convenience: then and now

Isn’t it how convenient life now compared with what our grandparents had? Well, I don’t exactly know how it was with them, I only relied on what they said which to my suspicious mind was just a simple wild-imagination-and-absurd-exaggeration combo that they used to influence us their grandchildren to their old fashioned life-style.

Anyway, what I really want to convey here is that, travelling now is much easier compared before [when horses were used instead of cars]. And finding your way around too is such a breeze if you have one of those GPS devices on your car. We bought one before we left for Canada because we know we need a back-up navigator because Hubby can’t rely much to my navigating talent.

Oh well, we did find our way to our destination and back. We also found the nearest Chinese Restaurant on the way home. And we also got lost a couple of times because apparently, the GPS didn’t know where the detour spots were along the way. Other than that, everything was a-ok.


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