Let’s pollute the cyber-world!

Enough already! Satisfaction! It’s a harsh word. No one is ever satisfied. No one is ever contented. No one is ever happy with what they already have? That is why aside from the word “satisfaction” we also have the word “accumulation” to justify that nothing is enough.

Okay… let’s do this without the drama and I’ll go straight to the point. I HAVE A NEW BLOG. Yep, a new blog! I know! I know! Please don’t point fingers on me. This baby has been in the oven more than a couple of months back and I have been giving you, guys, subtle hints of its impending birth [or did I?]. Well, it’s official… I am announcing the birth of www.ruthilicious.com and just so you know, this baby will kick hard once it’s out of the incubator.

Yeah, there are still a lot of nursing to do and has to undergo some minor surgeries but it’s doing ok. Mama here, on the other hand, has already come up with a good header and this is what it will look like…

So there you go. Let’s populate the cyber-world. Let’s pollute the cyber-world with blogs to reach out to people and make friends. Let’s make blog-hopping our part-time job or for others like me… our day job. Let’s make friends all over the world and spread peace on blog-mankind. After all… it’s a lonely place if you don’t have long list of blogs in your blogroll.

So Friends... Ladies... and Gentlemen... I want you all to be the GODPARENTS of my new baby - RUTHILICIOUS. I will appreciate it very much if you will have an extra space for my "new baby" in your blogroll and link her up too. Thanks in advance Mga KUMARE at KUMPARE [translation: Godmothers and Godfathers].


  1. hi ruthi, congratulations for your new blog! wow, keep up all the energies to do blogging and pollute the blog-world :). you know, i tried it, blog-hopping, and i got head-ache, hehehe. since i read the blogs entirely, i want to get the meat of the blog content before leaving anything. so, i'm doing it very poorly in blog marketing standard i guess, since i only sticked to 3 to 4 blogs a day to visit. so blogging is so much work for me, but yeah, i enjoy it knowing a lot of people i may have no chance of knowing at all. it's really great.

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